Monday, December 22, 2008

Choices in Life

We are forced to make choices everyday.
From the very early morning until the late night.
We have to make choices.
In the morning, we make choices whether to continue sleep or wake up and go to work/study
(I also choose to continue sleep :P… not a good habit)

After we woke up, we have to make choices in what to eat, what do wore, when to take a bath, when to eat, etc…
Life is about making choices.
And some choices will change our life forever.
And because life is reality without eraser, our choices in the past are what make us who we are today. And our choices in present moments will make who we are in the future.

Have you ever regret the choices that you make in the past??
Well sometime I do.
If things are not going well, sometime I regret the choices that I make.
But when I think it over, that choices are what bring me here today.
And I should be grateful to be able to make those choices.

So, let make choices that we won’t regret…
If it is a big decision that will change your life, let’s analyze the choices
And make the decision before the choices is run out…

Monday, December 15, 2008

Could I have the chance to meet you again

What happen with me?
Cry in the middle of the night?
Is it because I am lonely?
Is it because I regret things that I have done?

I have give up several loves that come to me
And now, when I need someone on my side, I just can not find one

Where did the love go?
Is four years not enough to finally fall in love again?
Or will I keep remembering those old days?

Is it okay to let my self fall in love again?
Or will it just end the same way like before?
Will I find someone that as well as I want it?
Or will it just bring the hurt back again?

I can even believe that I write this.
In spite of my smiling face, I still need that love
Love that can make me woke up every morning
Love that can make me rest easily
Love that can make my heart beat twice faster

Where is the love?
Could I ever find it again?
Where are you hiding?
Are you near?
Or are you far?
Are you seeing me right now?
Are you reading my blogs?

Where are you?
Could I have the chance to meet you again?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My ideas of my perfect man

Several days ago, I was asked what kind of man is my perfect man. Well, of course I have a lot of criteria of my perfect man; this is the summary of it.

1. My perfect man should be sincere, honest and love me. That is the first and the most important criteria. I don’t really care about that man education, job, wealth, appearance etc. the most important thing to me is he can show that he loves me with sincere and honest words. :D

2. My perfect man should able to accept my flaws and be there for me when I need him. I know that I’m not perfect.. far than perfect. And my perfect man should able to cope with my flaws and accept it as it is. Don’t try to change me please, because I love my self and I’m not ready to change.

3. I’m able to accept his flaws. My perfect man is not perfect too. He will have flaws and I should be able to accept it. I think I can tolerate people flaws as long as it is not against my idealism. I also think that it is hard to hope other people change. That’s why I should be able to accept his flaws.

That three simple things is the basic criteria of my perfect man. It may not be perfect to others but it is perfect to me, and I know that perfect man is somewhere out there ... :D (just like Fox Mulder always says: the truth is out there ...)

Thursday, December 04, 2008


It is a relief to know that finally I finished my term 1 and pass the minimum requirement for every subject. I got A- in my decision support and optimization class (which is my depth course and it is required to get A-), and get A- and B for the other subjects. I know that I can do better if I gave more time to study but right now I often distracted and lazy to study. What happening to me?? Is it true that if we grow older we become more lazy and hard to study?
Wow, hopefully not. I will do my best in my second term. I will minimize the distraction and my laziness. Hopefully in the second term I can get a better score.
Worry Feeling

I feel worry today, thanks to my friend. He said that it will be embarrassing if I don’t pass my subject with minimum requirement and get kick out from school. I know that I will feel embarrassed and disappointed if I failed but … what else I can do?? I already try hard for this subject and I don’t know what else to do.

I think the result will be announced tomorrow. Still hope that I could get the minimum requirement. I don’t feel confident because I know that I didn’t do very well. But the result has not come up yet .. so should I be worry? Or should I be worry tomorrow?