Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today the sun doesn't shine so bright
The cloud and the rain is blocking the light
That's how it feels when I see you cried

As the moon is drifting the coldest night
Nothing much really makes a good sight
Without you by my side

It's hard even if you tried
To tell the wrong from the right
That's how I made that tears dropped from your eye

If I said it doesn't feel bad, then I lied
It breaks every inch of my heart and my pride
Everytime I see you cried

Just like the sun will never die
You always give me another try
To dry the tears in your eye

-- created by w2
-- dedicated to me :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blossom of flower

Life is much better now than ever
Just like the blossom of flower
That moment will be treasured

Like meteor shower
Brief but joyful before it's over
That happiness will be devoured

It feels like standing on top of the tower
You'll do everything in your power
Treasuring every minute of the hour

Life could be sweet and sour
Wheel of fortune can put you higher or lower
But now you're on top of the world for sure

Hope the beautiful moment will last forever
That life will always be full of fine hours
Just like the time he tells you "the moment is ours"

-- created by w2
-- dedicated to me and hs

Lindawati is .....

I felt so sleepy today, so me and my friend made several acronym for our names and our friends names. Here is mine ( my friend made it up for me =P) :

Lindawati is Love Is In D' Air With All The Intimacy