Monday, December 22, 2008

Choices in Life

We are forced to make choices everyday.
From the very early morning until the late night.
We have to make choices.
In the morning, we make choices whether to continue sleep or wake up and go to work/study
(I also choose to continue sleep :P… not a good habit)

After we woke up, we have to make choices in what to eat, what do wore, when to take a bath, when to eat, etc…
Life is about making choices.
And some choices will change our life forever.
And because life is reality without eraser, our choices in the past are what make us who we are today. And our choices in present moments will make who we are in the future.

Have you ever regret the choices that you make in the past??
Well sometime I do.
If things are not going well, sometime I regret the choices that I make.
But when I think it over, that choices are what bring me here today.
And I should be grateful to be able to make those choices.

So, let make choices that we won’t regret…
If it is a big decision that will change your life, let’s analyze the choices
And make the decision before the choices is run out…

Monday, December 15, 2008

Could I have the chance to meet you again

What happen with me?
Cry in the middle of the night?
Is it because I am lonely?
Is it because I regret things that I have done?

I have give up several loves that come to me
And now, when I need someone on my side, I just can not find one

Where did the love go?
Is four years not enough to finally fall in love again?
Or will I keep remembering those old days?

Is it okay to let my self fall in love again?
Or will it just end the same way like before?
Will I find someone that as well as I want it?
Or will it just bring the hurt back again?

I can even believe that I write this.
In spite of my smiling face, I still need that love
Love that can make me woke up every morning
Love that can make me rest easily
Love that can make my heart beat twice faster

Where is the love?
Could I ever find it again?
Where are you hiding?
Are you near?
Or are you far?
Are you seeing me right now?
Are you reading my blogs?

Where are you?
Could I have the chance to meet you again?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My ideas of my perfect man

Several days ago, I was asked what kind of man is my perfect man. Well, of course I have a lot of criteria of my perfect man; this is the summary of it.

1. My perfect man should be sincere, honest and love me. That is the first and the most important criteria. I don’t really care about that man education, job, wealth, appearance etc. the most important thing to me is he can show that he loves me with sincere and honest words. :D

2. My perfect man should able to accept my flaws and be there for me when I need him. I know that I’m not perfect.. far than perfect. And my perfect man should able to cope with my flaws and accept it as it is. Don’t try to change me please, because I love my self and I’m not ready to change.

3. I’m able to accept his flaws. My perfect man is not perfect too. He will have flaws and I should be able to accept it. I think I can tolerate people flaws as long as it is not against my idealism. I also think that it is hard to hope other people change. That’s why I should be able to accept his flaws.

That three simple things is the basic criteria of my perfect man. It may not be perfect to others but it is perfect to me, and I know that perfect man is somewhere out there ... :D (just like Fox Mulder always says: the truth is out there ...)

Thursday, December 04, 2008


It is a relief to know that finally I finished my term 1 and pass the minimum requirement for every subject. I got A- in my decision support and optimization class (which is my depth course and it is required to get A-), and get A- and B for the other subjects. I know that I can do better if I gave more time to study but right now I often distracted and lazy to study. What happening to me?? Is it true that if we grow older we become more lazy and hard to study?
Wow, hopefully not. I will do my best in my second term. I will minimize the distraction and my laziness. Hopefully in the second term I can get a better score.
Worry Feeling

I feel worry today, thanks to my friend. He said that it will be embarrassing if I don’t pass my subject with minimum requirement and get kick out from school. I know that I will feel embarrassed and disappointed if I failed but … what else I can do?? I already try hard for this subject and I don’t know what else to do.

I think the result will be announced tomorrow. Still hope that I could get the minimum requirement. I don’t feel confident because I know that I didn’t do very well. But the result has not come up yet .. so should I be worry? Or should I be worry tomorrow?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of first Term

Finally, just submitted my last assignment for this term.
Its time to relax and enjoy a little bit of vacation.
But, I don't know what to do next?
Getting ready for the second term?
Or just browsing, chatting, watching and do useless things?
For today, just enjoying browsing, chatting, and watching
and gossiping.

Finally... the end of first term.
What torture will I endure in my next term??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No more exams for this year.

Just finished my last exam.. (for this term) ….. yipieee… no more exam for this term. Finally, I came to the end of term. Just have to refine one more term paper and that’s all. I don’t know what the result are .. but hopefully it is enough for the minimum requirements. I don’t expect to get A, I will settle with the minimum requirements. Why? Because I don’t think I give my best to all the subjects. I still can do better then that but my laziness is keeping me. I should be more diligent for the next term. I should be better ….
Is he sincere or not?

Lately a friend is offering to help me in something but I just keep get the feeling that he is not really sincere to help me. I think he want to help me because he can get something out of it. I don’t know why, I keep feeling it. And he is really started to annoy me. I’m keep thinking what’s in it for him. Why is he willing to help me? I don’t believe he help me because he want it to, just keep getting the feeling that he only used me. I can figure out what the purpose is but am I to suspicious?

I have many friends and often get help from them. A lot. My best friend even loan me money to pay my bond to my previous company and I don’t feel suspicious about it. But with him, I don’t know why I got suspicious. Am I too exaggerating? Or this is my conscious that telling me to be careful?

He often said that he did it to help me and it will help my future. I just want to say, let me worry about my future my self, I don’t need you to worry about it. I don’t think that he understand about me and my future. I can not say no to him because I think it will be impolite to reject such a lovely help. But I just can get rid of the feeling. Why? Am I to suspicious?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Lately, I always overslept. Yesterday I slept all day. Just wake up to eat dinner and then slept again. I also overslept on Sunday. I only woke up to go to the cinema to watch “Body of Lies”. Even thought, I had exam the next day, I didn’t have the willingness to wake up. What happening to me??

I need a reason to wake up every day. I need a reason to stop dreaming and start living.. what happen to me??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are their problems my problems?

I sometime wonder, whether my parents or my brother and sisters problems are my problems too. Sometime their problems are nagging me. I know that we have to fight our own wars. And my wars are definitely different from their wars, but sometime I get carried away with their problems too. Is it wrong? Or am I fuss about other people businesses?

As a family member, I will try the best that I can to help their problems. But what if the problems are too much for me? And I still have to solve my own problems. Should I just not interfere and let them solve their own problems? Just watch and see they solve their own problems, is it the best things to do?

For now, I will consider their problems are their problems. I don’t have to interfere. I will help as much as I can, but that’s it. They have to try to solve it on their own. Problems are what make us learn about life. Right? We have to have problems in our life in order to improve and see the beauty of life. Is it wrong?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In my search of Happiness

What make your life valuable? Is it the dress that you wore, the food that you eat, the house that you life, the parent that you have, the spouse that you can hold, the education that you take, the money in your pocket, the book that you read, or what?

What make your life valuable? I feel prettier when I am wearing a good dress. I feel delight eating delicious food. I feel comfortable living in a cozy house. I feel grateful having good parents that never questions me and order me what to do. I feel thankful having brother and sisters that support me when I’m down. I feel happy having friends that can accompany me. Even thought I don’t have any spouse right now, I know that I will feel cheerful to have person that I can share all my laughs and cries. I feel proud having a good education. I feel secure having money in my pocket. I feel excited reading my books and watching my movies.

So, what make my life valuable?? Is it all those things above? I don’t think so. I think what make my life valuable is when I can do small good things every day. It is so clich├ęd. I know that. But right now, that is what I feel :D. So, lets make small good things everyday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The story of my career

I started my career very early. Because I was one of students which got scholarship from Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) under career scholarship program, I had an obligation to work at BINUS from the first day of my undergraduate study until 2n+1 years after I graduated. Value of n here is the number of years that I need to complete my undergraduate study.

I started my career as an administration staff at EDP department, BINUS in September 2000. Now, EDP department is not exists anymore, it was merge with other IT departments. My duties more or less just arranged mails and documents, especially ISO documents, since BINUS already hold ISO 9001 certification. Sometime I helped my colleges to input data to computer and do simple query to extract the data. That’s it, just that simple. It was a boring job, but it gave me plenty of time to focus on my study and learn other things.

Realizing my potential, my boss, at the time, told me to learn Visual Basic 6, MS SQL server 1997 and Crystal Report. He even asked one of his programmers to give me training about it. So, I started to learn programming language and applied it in several simple forms. And not so long after, I forgot the exact date; I was promoted to be a programmer. It was a bit of improvement.

I worked my days as a programmer until Dec 2002. During those times, I involved in several projects using Visual Basic 6, MS SQL server 1997 and Crystal Report. My main responsibilities were to encode, test, debug, and install program systems or application that was being used in BINUS. I hardly remember the applications, but I think one of it is the early stage of admission application and library system.

At January 2003, I got promoted again. I was promoted to be a system analyst. The duties were pretty much the same from previous position, but in this position, there were additional tasks that I must do. As a system analyst, I had to analyze and design applications to fulfill user’s requirements. It was kind of challenging tasks, because in BINUS, users requirements changed rapidly. I can not really blame the users for changing the requirements because the requirements had to change to adapt to the real world situations and conditions. I learnt a lot of things during my time as system analyst not only in analyze and design application technique but also in business processes. I worked as system analyst for almost 4 years before I got another promotion. I finished both my undergraduate and graduate study during that time. I also managed to pass CISA exam with a very tight passing score.

At December 2007, I started my career as a Project Leader. I found that job was interesting and quite tricky to do. My main duties were to planning, monitoring, and controlling projects, while still helping to do analyze and design applications. I often had to negotiate the projects schedule with my users and control the quality of my projects. For me, the most interesting thing in working as Project Leader was how to communicate with users and the rest of the team. I think my patience and communication skill was improved during these times. Sadly, I become project leader just for a very short time. At July 2008, I resigned from BINUS and went to Singapore to continue my study.

Right now, I am just a PhD student. But I’m sure in the future, I will find other jobs that can be more challenging and exciting then I was have before. Still looking for the next best things to come.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Volunteering Experience

From Friday to Sunday, I was volunteering for Ajahn Bram talks and seminars organized by Buddhist Fellowship. I never did volunteering before, and these 3 days really a good time for me. I gained experiences that I never had before. Even thought I helped as an usher to direct people to the talks and seminars place and had to stand the whole time, I didn’t find those as boring or tiring jobs. I enjoy every second of it.

I enjoy greeting and smiling to people and show them the way.
I enjoy working with my IC and others usher.
I enjoy being a part of the events.
I event enjoy eating the vegetarian food.

And the most enjoyable and exciting thing is I was able to meet Ajahn Bram. I never met or heard his talks and seminars before. I only know him from books that he wrote. Listening his talks and seminars directly is more enjoyable than reading his book and not everyday that I have the opportunity to listening his talks. I also had the opportunity to take a picture with him.

So, the conclusion is, I have a good time these past 3 days. Even thought the volunteering is tiring, the enjoyment is much greater than that.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Exam Sucks...

I hate exam.
Especially if I didn't do good in that Exam.
My two exam so far didn't make me satisfied. I think I didn't do good in those exam. I only manage to did half of it right (50%, give and take 20 %). Cant wait to see the result. Hopefully I still can smile after receive the result.

But, I still have one other exam. So, must fight ... don't give up. Study .. and fight for this last mid term ....

Monday, October 06, 2008

My Series of Events in Singapore

Bukit Timah - 08-Aug-2008

Fireworks - Sing's National Day - 08-Aug-2008

After Youth Symposium - 24-Aug-2008

IPA Inauguration - 30-Aug-2008

Helda's B'Day -3-Sept-2008

Chinese Garden - Lantern Festival - 5-Sept-2008

Night View - 13-Sept-2008

Vivo - 29-Sept-2008

Ko Meng San Temple - 30-Sept-2008

Ladies Day Out - 30-Sept-2008

Sungei Buloh - 11-Oct-2008

Botanical Garden - 14-Oct-2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank you note

There are a lot of people that I want to say thanks to. I would not be like this without them. But today, I want to say special thanks to my dear friend HS. Because of our small talk yesterday afternoon I remember again my goal in life (the goal that I almost forgot because of all the tension lately).

Several days or weeks ago, I was really depressed because of my studies. I thought I chose a wrong path and a wrong research field because AI was definitely not my thing. Even thought I tried to smile and look like everything ok, but deep inside I felt depress and started to question my decision to take this PhD. Bad result in my previous two assignments added my depressed feeling.

But yesterday, somehow, after our small talk (which not even discuss my depression), I re-found my goal in life which I have forgotten for a very long time. I re-found that my goal in life is to learn new things everyday and enjoying every process of it. I re-found that I should not just stuck to the result (such as result assignment), but enjoying every processes of it. So what if I got a bad mark? The most important things are I learn something new and I learn not to make the same mistake again. I re-found my passion to enter the PhD. I re-found that I want to take PhD because I want to learn new things and yes, by taking PhD I learn new things (a lot of new things).

So, from yesterday and so on, I will enjoy my process of learning. Not just learning from books but also learning from others. I will enjoy it and do as best as I can to learn and implement it and will not worry too much about the results. Bad or good results is always the opportunity to learn again right?

So, thank you dear friend. And if somehow I forget about my goal, please remind me again.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me ... at SMU ...

It will be my place to study for about 3 to 4 years...

SMU ... School of Information System

SMU ... School of Information System 2

The Direction Sign

The Bodhi Tree

Monday, September 08, 2008


Close has a relative meaning. One people can say something is close and the other says it is far. In term of relationship and friendships, how can we describe close relationships? How can we differentiate close as a friend or close as a couple? When a friend tries to be more close then just a friend, what are the signals??

While I try to find the answer, this is a lyric of song which title is “Close to You”

Why do birds
Suddenly appear?
Everytime you are near
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Why do stars
Fall down from the sky?
Everytime you walk by
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

(*) On the day that you were born
The angels got together and decided
To create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue

(**) That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Woo... Close to you...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Can easily fall in love? Is it a bad thing or a good thing??

I’m still trying to answer that. From my past experience, “can easily fall in love” give you a couple of advantages, namely: you are able to find good things in every one, you make your life cheerful and you can forget bad experience fast. But the disadvantages are also quite a lot. One of disadvantages is you can experience a lot of pain from broken heart. One said: If you are daring to love then you should dare to loose or to be rejected. And by easily fall in love, this feeling will always hunt you. It is not a good feeling. It is a terrible one. Other disadvantage is people will think that you too ease to catch because with just a little affection you will fall in love.

Still don’t know weather “can easily fall in love” is a bad thing or good thing. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love is all around

I really like that quote (from a song). Every day we witness love. It can be friends love, parents love, couple love and any other type of love. Love is all around.

When ever I’m in the lowest time in my life, I always think of that. I always think that I have love all over me and it’s not the time to feel sad.

I have parents who love me very much and never force me to do anything against my will.

I have brother and sisters who also love me and spoiled and care about me.

I have siblings that also love me.

I have many friends that love me and willing to help me.

I have love and I’m capable to love anyone without boundaries.

I have universal love.

So, love is all around…. Just look around you and you will find love.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Time ..

First time at new school, first time at new place, first time at library, first time at class, first time …..

There is always be a first time for anything. For me first time is good. It is mean that you try new things. These are list of my first time in Singapore:
1. First time went to Singapore alone: 03-Aug-2008
2. First time moving to student hostel: 03-Aug-2008
3. First time went to SMU: 03-Aug-2008
4. First time actually report my self to SMU: 04-Aug-2008
5. First time meeting my Professor: 04-Aug-2008
6. First time get lost in Singapore: 04-Aug-2008
7. First time Academic Briefing: 05-Aug-2008
8. First time went to movie in Singapore (Vivo City): 05-Aug-2008
9. First time English Proficiency Lesson: 06-Aug-2008
10. First time hiking in Bukit Timah: 09-Aug-2008
11. First time watch fire works in Singapore: 09-Aug-2008
12. First time went home at 2 am :P : 09-Aug-2008
13. First time Matriculation: 12-Aug-2008
14. First time losing SMU Visitor Card: 13-Aug-2008 (fortunately the security guard found it)
15. First time attend SMU Workshop: 14-Aug-2008
16. First time eat dim sum in Yum Cha: 15-Aug-2008
17. First time watch Chinese Orchestra: 16-Aug-2008
18. First time went to Buddhist Fellowship: 17-Aug-2008
19. First time borrowing book from SMU library: 15-Aug-2008
20. First class: 19-Aug-2008
21. Etc ……………….
My PhD Application Process

This is all started when my friend tell me that there is a vacant position in SMU (Singapore Management University) as a Research Assistant. And if I’m interested I could try to send my CV to his friend in SMU. I was interested with that vacancy and at 9 June 2008 I sent my CV to him. I also tell him that I’m interested to get a PhD.

At 12 June 2008 to be exact, my friend tell me that although the PhD in-take was already closed, the PhD Program Director willing to give me a chance to apply for the PhD Program. They ask me to fulfill the entire application requirement including two referees, personal statement and research statement and sent it to SMU before 20 June 2008.

I started to fulfill the application, ask for referees and writing my personal and research statement. My friend also helps me to refine my application form, personal and research statement. For the referees, I ask Mr. Sablin Yusuf (Dean of Computer Studies Faculty, Universitas Bina Nusantara, Jakarta Indonesia,, Mr. Harjanto Prabowo (CIO of Bina Nusantara, Jakarta Indonesia, and Mr. Benny Ranti (Senior Lecturer and also my Supervisor in University of Indonesia,

After fulfill the entire documents, at 18 June 2008, I sent it to SMU by using DHL. I thought it will be able to reach SMU at 19 June 2008. But until 20 June 2008 3pm, the status is still On Delivery Courier. I start to panic, I start to call DHL officer and their tell me to call the Singapore DHL to ask it. I call the Singapore DHL to make sure that my application will be sent at 20 June 2008. I also call the SMU Assistant Manager to ask weather my application already there or not. And finally my application can successfully deliver to SMU.

At the same day, after read my application, the PhD Director (Prof. Pang) email me about my research area. He said that they don’t have any faculty that specialize in that area and he ask me weather I interested in other area which are data management, information security, or decision support systems. I reply the email and said that I’m interested in Data Management and Decision Support System. And he told me to check the SMU Professors web pages and let him know which professor’s research I’m interested in.

When reading the professor’s web pages, I’m become interested with Prof. Lau research in Decentralized Decision Making in Network Enterprise. And I email Mr. Pang about it. Not long after (24 or 25 June, I forgot the date), Mr. Lau call me and gave me a phone interview. He ask several questions about algorithm and artificial intelligent (which I almost forgot about) and he also ask about my motivation, commitment and willingness to study. At the end of the interview he said that they will give decision and inform me about my application as soon as possible. The phone interview lasted for about 45 minutes.

At 27 June 2008, finally they inform me that after a series of evaluation from our PhD review committee, I was offered admission into our PhD in Information Systems program with a full scholarship. I was exited about it. And finally what I have worked for a couple years to get a PhD scholarship payoff.

I’m also very grateful to all my friends that help me to get this scholarship. Because I know that they all gave a very good recommendation for me.

That’s how I got my PhD Scholarship and hopefully I could finished on time and with excellent result.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tarsius Spectrum

This is the story about little pretty animals (when I say little it’s seriously mean little) which can be found in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I first met these little creatures in 18 May 2008 when I went to Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Scientific name for these little animals is Tarsius Spectrum (from Tarsier Family), the smallest primate known.

Tarsius Spectrum Morphology

Known as the smallest primate known, Tarsius Spectrum only weight 125 gram (for male) and 110 gram (for female). They measures between 11 and 15cm in length. They can not move their eyes but can turn their head 180 degrees.

Life as a Tarsius Spectrum

They usually found in Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi and the nearby islands of Sangihe, Peleng, and Salayer. This species lives in a variety of habitats, including primary and secondary forests, coastal forests, and mangrove forests. This species is found at altitudes from sea level to 4000 feet.

Tarsius Spectrum is a rear animal but still relatively abundant in protected areas in Sulawesi such as Tangkoko Dua Saudara Nature Reserve. However, Tarsius Spectrum has a limited geographic range, and little is known about their current distribution throughout Sulawesi. Habitat disturbance is occurring throughout much of their known range. And their reproduction is also very slow. Every year they are only 1 baby Tarsius Spectrum born.

But to see these little animals in actions is not easy. We have to wait until night to see Tarsius Spectrum. Tarsius Spectrum usually appears when it is dark to find foods that are usually small insects.

Tarsius Spectrum is mate for life. They are monogamist. If their spouse is dead, they will get sad and die not long after.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night at Sing ..
at 9 August 2008

Rita, Helda, Me and Lidya at esplanade

Me, Helda, Rita and Lydia at Clarke Quay (I think .....)
When I went Rafting
A very nice experiences and this is a very long time ago ... on May 2004, almost 4 and half years ago ...
Before the Rafting

In my Boat (the boat only fit for 5 person + 1 instructor)

Eat some snacks on the boat

In the middle of the Journey, take a rest and eat "Kelapa Muda" (young coconut??)

After eating Coconut, get ready for the rest of the journey

Swimming after Rafting ?? hm...

Eat ........... After Rafting ..... Need a lot of food to gain strenght again

See how hungry we are... :p

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Menado Trip
Last May I join Sahabat Museum to go to Menado-Tomohok-Tondano.
Its quite intresting trips with people that I never know before.
Here is several pictures from that journey


Under The Sea - Taken by One of Tour Participant

"Dasar laut"

Bunaken - on Bridge to Santika Hotel

Cute Little animal - Tarsius something

Teluk Lambe -- If I'm not mistaken

Tuo Mao Mao Restaurant

Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih - Huge Cross

Morning Glory

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trip to Beijing and Shanghai

Last April, Me, My Mom, My Sis, and My Sis Sister in Law went to Beijing and Shanghai. Here are several pictures of us there....
Big Statue
Yellow River

Heavenly Temple

Sholin Kung Fu Show

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China 2

Olympic Count Down

Saturday, June 07, 2008

...Trip to Medan....

Last Dec .... me, my sis, my mom and my sis mother in law, went to Medan for 4 days 3 night. These are several pictures in there ....

Me and Becak

Drink Coffee and Tea in the "Puncak Brastagi"

Sipiso-piso waterfall

Lake Toba

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DHL Mengecewakan

Ceritanya begini, jam 10 pagi tadi, saya menelpon DHL untuk pengiriman paket. Saya sudah pesan sama customer service DHLnya saya mau di ambil kalau bisa siang atau sebelum jam 5. Oleh petugas customer servicenya di iyah kan dan diberikanlah saya sebuah nomor booking 37500. Dia berpesan apabila jam 4 belum datang juga silahkan menghubungi DHL kembali dan memberitahukan nomor booking tersebut.

Jam 4 lewat 20, kurirnya belum datang juga, akhirnya saya telp DHL kembali. di terima oleh seorang petugas Customer Service yang bilang akan menghubungi kurirnya dan meminta dia segera datang sebelum jam 5.

Tapi ternyata sampai jam sekarang (jam 7 15 menit) belum datang-datang juga orangnya. Jam setengah 7 tadi saya sudah berusaha menghubungi customer service DHLnya. saya bertanya, dengan masih baik-baik, kapan kurirnya akan datang mengambil paket saya .. dia suruh saya menunggu .. entah apa yang di lakukannya .. ditunggu ditunggu gak kerasa sampai 7 menit ... .... kemudian tlp nya putus pula. jadi saya menunggu 7 menit dan tidak mendapatkan jawaban apapun. kemudian saya telp lagi, kali ini pun saya di suruh menungguu... selama lebih dari 5 menit dan setelah itu putus lagi .. parah banget kan ... pelayanan macam apa seperti itu.. akhirnya saya sengaja tunggu sekitar 20 menitan baru tlp lagi .. dengan harapan dari pihak DHL nya sendiri yang menelpon saya mengabari jam berapa paketnya akan diambil... tapi ternyata tidak ada tlp apapun....

Akhirnya jam 7.10 tadi saya tlp lagi. petugasnya kali ini mengatakan maaf kurir kami mengalami keterlambatan, akan datang sebelum jam 8 "biasanya". ada kata biasanya... jadi bisa aja kurirnya datang jam 9 atau 10 atau mungkin lebih malam lagi .... memang seperti itu yah pelayanan jasa pengiriman international ?? tidak menghargai waktu.... bayangkan saya sudah menunggu dari jam 5 sampai saat ini. sudah 2 jam lebih. akan lebih menyenangkan kalau bisa tau kapan kurirnya datang untuk mengambil paket saya. sedangkan ini .. tidak diberikan waktu yang jelas... Saya juga kan punya kesibukan lagi selain menuggu kurir untuk mengambil paket.
Benar-benar service yang mengecewakan ... kalau memang tidak bisa mengambil paketnya, kenapa tidak bilang dari tadi sewaktu saya tlp pertama kali jam 10.. dengan begitukan saya bisa memikirkan alternatif yang lainnya.
Jam 8.30 belum datang juga kurirnya.. gila banget kan.. parah. udah tlp lagi ke customer servicenya cuman di kasih tau bahwa sedang dalam perjalanan. perjalanan ke mana?? gak mikir yah DHL nya. kalau cuman telat 1 jam an masih gpp,... ini udah lebih dari 3 jam. emang seperti itu yah layanan ekspedisi international ??

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fuih .. lelah nya. Abis yoga ..
udah lama gak yoga/senam lagi. karena lagi males hehhehe

setelah di pikir-pikir, yoga tuh bagus bagi kesehatan. agar ga insomia lagi .. menderita dech insomia :(
jam 5 pagi bisa masih bangun :((

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tgl=20 Jan 2008
Tempat=My desk - My office

Ngantuk banget .. hari minggu harus datang untuk stand by karena ada USM Online. Sebenernya males banget sih ... cuman karena kewajiban jadi terpaksa dech.
USM nya dibagi menjadi 2 shift, ada yang jam 09:00 dan ada yang 14:00. Berhubung yang Online ada di kedua shift itu, jadilah akhirnya aku terdampar di kantor sampai jam 16:00 untuk stand by.

Sebenernya kenapa perlu stand by? Mungkin karena USM Online ini masih baru. sehingga perlu penanganan ekstra. So far.. udah di pakai 3x termasuk ini. waktu pakai pertama kali, ada sedikit masalah karena menggunakan browser Safari. tapi udah di perbaiki sih. sehingga ketika di pakai kedua kali berjalan mulus. Nah .. yang ketiga ini, kebetulan orang-orang yang menggunakannya (staf/penjaganya) berbeda. yang pertama dan kedua untuk program International Class sedangkan yang ketiga ini untuk Reguler.

Jadi yang ketiga ini ada beberapa yang patut di perhatikan sih. terutama dari familiarity staf/penjaganya dengan USM Online itu sendiri...

Karena hal-hal di ataslah .. makanya ... udah jam segini masih terdampar di Kantor.. ngantuk :(
terpaksa menunggu :((

Friday, January 11, 2008

Waktu: 1038
Tgl: 12-Jan-2008
Tempat: my desk in my office

Baru jam setengah 11. sedang menunggu jam pulang. Masuk jam 9 pulang jam 12... males kerja yah. Jadi menunggu jam pulang aja. soalnya 3 jam itu nanggung sekali untuk kerja... bikin tidak mood.

Pulang hari ini aku akan menempuh jalur yang berbeda. Mau naik bis. udah lama gak naik bis. sebenernya naik bis karena mau ke Hypermart serpong. Mo komplain. Masa beli lampu enerziger yang harusnya dapet kartu garansi ini gak dapet. Beli nya sih tanggal 30-des-2007. waktu beli, petugasnya bilang petugas yang bawa kartu garansi nya sudah pulang dan kuncinya di bawa. jadi kartu garansinya gak ada. Dalam hatiku, gak peduli petugasnya udah pulang atau belum, yang jelas aku beli dan hak ku untuk dapat kartu garansi. Akhirnya si petugas mencatat namaku dan dia berjanji besok dari pihat hypermart akan telpon untuk mencatat data-dataku dan memberikan kartu garansi. Tapi udah di tunggu sampai 2 minggu ini, gak ada yang menghubungi. Niat gak sih itu hypermart?? parah banget. untuk mendapatkan kartu garansi resmi merupakan hak dari setiap konsumen .. iyah gak?? makanya mau ngomel-ngomel nih ke hypermart. mo menuntut hak akan kartu garansi. oo iyah sama sekalian mo ambil pisau.. kan di hypermart ada promosi, mengumpulkan berapa stamp dapet pisau. dua minggu yang lalu udah mau tuker juga. tapi pisaunya gak ada.. jadi hari ini mo menyelesaikan banyak urusan di hypermart. ..................................

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Waktu: 0857
Tanggal: 07-Jan-2008
Place: My small desk in my office

Sedikit cerita dari pernikahan adik sepupuku kemarin. Rame .. banyak saudara yang hadir.. hampir semua keluarga besar dari pihak mama hadir .. di kenalin ke beberapa saudara. Hal biasa lah yang dilakukan di hampir setiap pernikahan.

Tapi seperti biasa yang paling mengesalkan adalah di tanya Kapan Menyusul .... classic question yang ternyata masih sering di tanyakan juga. Mengikuti iklan di TV kalau di tanya seperti itu, di jawab dengan senyum dan Kapan-kapan ..... :P.

Mungkin bila di lihat dari pesta itu, aku merupakan gambaran wanita karir yang kerja di kota besar dan mandiri serta enjoy sama dirinya sendiri. Pergi ke pesta perkawinan tanpa pasangan pun masih enjoy aja ... walaupun banyak teman-teman/saudara-saudara yang membawa pasangan masing-masing. Kan emang kenyataannya belum punya pasangan, masa sih di paksain cari "Plus One" hanya karena gak mau ke mana-mana sendirian? kalau "plus one" nya sesuai dan cocok sih gak masalah, tapi kalau tidak cocok dan di paksa in cocok wah bisa berabe.. iya ga ?? so, pesanku kepada semua single di dunia, dont be affraid of walking or going to party alone, just feel enjoy with your self. dont commited your self in relationships just because your affraid of being alone..... I, my self, always try to be happy with my self ....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Waktu: 2035
Tanggal: 2 Januari 2008
Tempat: Kamarku

I’m staring my face in the mirror. Ada jerawat besar dech. Diameternya hampir 8 centimeter. Setelah beberapa hari menggunakan perawatan dari dokter, kok semakin banyak jerawat yang muncul yah, termasuk jerawat segede ini. Bikin serem. Semoga aja ini memang salah satu tahap penyembuhan. Jadi semuanya di keluarkan dulu baru akhirnya muka berangsung-angsung akan sembuh.....

Semoga ... semoga .... semoga ...
Waktu: 2050
Tanggal: 31 December 2007
Tempat: Kamarku
Hari ini merupakan hari yang baik, sangat baik. Aku telah mengetahui sebuah rahasia, ”big secret” yang diketahui oleh semua orang-orang hebat di dunia ini. Ya, hari ini akhirnya aku menonton ”The Secret”. Sebuah buku yang sudah aku ketahui beberapa lama tapi belum sempat untuk membacanya (belum sempat atau memang belum tertarik). Aku juga sudah membeli dvd ”The Secret” ini bulan yang lalu dan baru hari ini tertarik untuk menontonnya. Dan aku sangat mensyukuri keputusan aku hari ini. Menonton ”The Secret” memberi sebuah ”insight” baru bagiku. Membuka pengetahuan akan hal-hal yang harusnya sudah kulakukan dari dulu. Tapi tidak ada kata terlambat. Aku akan memulainya sekarang. Hari ini juga. Detik ini juga. Anggaplah ini sebagai resolusi tahun baru. Hari yang tepatkan untuk memulai sesuatu yang baru. Tepat pada malam pergantian tahun.
The biggest thing that hit me from The Secret is we are what we think about. If we think we can do things and have things, I’m sure we can indeed do those things and have those things. Karena di dunia ini, semua tarik menarik. Bila kita percaya kita akan mencapai hal-hal yang yang kita inginkan, pasti kita bisa mencapainya, walaupun mungkin saat ini kita belum tahu bagaimana mencapainya. We created our own universe. Our universe will be created as we wish for. Your wishes are my command. And if we want something so bad and we belief we can achieve it, it will come true. Kita akan menjadi seperti apa yang kita pikirkan. We are what we think we are, said The Buddha.
There are a lot of things that I want. A lot of things that I belief I can have. A lot of things that I’m sure I will have. In order to achieve that, rule number 1, I should list it. So, this is my list of wish, that I belief and I will try so hard to get:
1. Finding my True Love. I want to find my true love, I want to journey a true love.
2. Write an outstanding paper and dissertation. I will do it. For starter, I will write my paper, based on my thesis that I have postponed it for long time. And I will start to email professors to find scholarship for my PhD and finished my dissertation.

3. Travel around the world. I want to go to Venice “my dream place”, Rome, French, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, and other countries in the world. I want to skiing, bungee jumping, jet skiing, and others I want to do it all.
4. I want to have sport mobile. A red convertible sport car. I’m sure will look great in that car.
5. I want to do social works. I still don’t know what I will do, but I will do it. I will do social works to bring happiness in my self and in others.
I think that all my major wish for now on. I still have lots of wishes, but those 5 things that I want the most. I will repeat those wishes everyday and I will visualize that wishes come true.
And those wishes will sure come true.