Sunday, October 12, 2008

Volunteering Experience

From Friday to Sunday, I was volunteering for Ajahn Bram talks and seminars organized by Buddhist Fellowship. I never did volunteering before, and these 3 days really a good time for me. I gained experiences that I never had before. Even thought I helped as an usher to direct people to the talks and seminars place and had to stand the whole time, I didn’t find those as boring or tiring jobs. I enjoy every second of it.

I enjoy greeting and smiling to people and show them the way.
I enjoy working with my IC and others usher.
I enjoy being a part of the events.
I event enjoy eating the vegetarian food.

And the most enjoyable and exciting thing is I was able to meet Ajahn Bram. I never met or heard his talks and seminars before. I only know him from books that he wrote. Listening his talks and seminars directly is more enjoyable than reading his book and not everyday that I have the opportunity to listening his talks. I also had the opportunity to take a picture with him.

So, the conclusion is, I have a good time these past 3 days. Even thought the volunteering is tiring, the enjoyment is much greater than that.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Exam Sucks...

I hate exam.
Especially if I didn't do good in that Exam.
My two exam so far didn't make me satisfied. I think I didn't do good in those exam. I only manage to did half of it right (50%, give and take 20 %). Cant wait to see the result. Hopefully I still can smile after receive the result.

But, I still have one other exam. So, must fight ... don't give up. Study .. and fight for this last mid term ....

Monday, October 06, 2008

My Series of Events in Singapore

Bukit Timah - 08-Aug-2008

Fireworks - Sing's National Day - 08-Aug-2008

After Youth Symposium - 24-Aug-2008

IPA Inauguration - 30-Aug-2008

Helda's B'Day -3-Sept-2008

Chinese Garden - Lantern Festival - 5-Sept-2008

Night View - 13-Sept-2008

Vivo - 29-Sept-2008

Ko Meng San Temple - 30-Sept-2008

Ladies Day Out - 30-Sept-2008

Sungei Buloh - 11-Oct-2008

Botanical Garden - 14-Oct-2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank you note

There are a lot of people that I want to say thanks to. I would not be like this without them. But today, I want to say special thanks to my dear friend HS. Because of our small talk yesterday afternoon I remember again my goal in life (the goal that I almost forgot because of all the tension lately).

Several days or weeks ago, I was really depressed because of my studies. I thought I chose a wrong path and a wrong research field because AI was definitely not my thing. Even thought I tried to smile and look like everything ok, but deep inside I felt depress and started to question my decision to take this PhD. Bad result in my previous two assignments added my depressed feeling.

But yesterday, somehow, after our small talk (which not even discuss my depression), I re-found my goal in life which I have forgotten for a very long time. I re-found that my goal in life is to learn new things everyday and enjoying every process of it. I re-found that I should not just stuck to the result (such as result assignment), but enjoying every processes of it. So what if I got a bad mark? The most important things are I learn something new and I learn not to make the same mistake again. I re-found my passion to enter the PhD. I re-found that I want to take PhD because I want to learn new things and yes, by taking PhD I learn new things (a lot of new things).

So, from yesterday and so on, I will enjoy my process of learning. Not just learning from books but also learning from others. I will enjoy it and do as best as I can to learn and implement it and will not worry too much about the results. Bad or good results is always the opportunity to learn again right?

So, thank you dear friend. And if somehow I forget about my goal, please remind me again.