Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of first Term

Finally, just submitted my last assignment for this term.
Its time to relax and enjoy a little bit of vacation.
But, I don't know what to do next?
Getting ready for the second term?
Or just browsing, chatting, watching and do useless things?
For today, just enjoying browsing, chatting, and watching
and gossiping.

Finally... the end of first term.
What torture will I endure in my next term??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No more exams for this year.

Just finished my last exam.. (for this term) ….. yipieee… no more exam for this term. Finally, I came to the end of term. Just have to refine one more term paper and that’s all. I don’t know what the result are .. but hopefully it is enough for the minimum requirements. I don’t expect to get A, I will settle with the minimum requirements. Why? Because I don’t think I give my best to all the subjects. I still can do better then that but my laziness is keeping me. I should be more diligent for the next term. I should be better ….
Is he sincere or not?

Lately a friend is offering to help me in something but I just keep get the feeling that he is not really sincere to help me. I think he want to help me because he can get something out of it. I don’t know why, I keep feeling it. And he is really started to annoy me. I’m keep thinking what’s in it for him. Why is he willing to help me? I don’t believe he help me because he want it to, just keep getting the feeling that he only used me. I can figure out what the purpose is but am I to suspicious?

I have many friends and often get help from them. A lot. My best friend even loan me money to pay my bond to my previous company and I don’t feel suspicious about it. But with him, I don’t know why I got suspicious. Am I too exaggerating? Or this is my conscious that telling me to be careful?

He often said that he did it to help me and it will help my future. I just want to say, let me worry about my future my self, I don’t need you to worry about it. I don’t think that he understand about me and my future. I can not say no to him because I think it will be impolite to reject such a lovely help. But I just can get rid of the feeling. Why? Am I to suspicious?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Lately, I always overslept. Yesterday I slept all day. Just wake up to eat dinner and then slept again. I also overslept on Sunday. I only woke up to go to the cinema to watch “Body of Lies”. Even thought, I had exam the next day, I didn’t have the willingness to wake up. What happening to me??

I need a reason to wake up every day. I need a reason to stop dreaming and start living.. what happen to me??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are their problems my problems?

I sometime wonder, whether my parents or my brother and sisters problems are my problems too. Sometime their problems are nagging me. I know that we have to fight our own wars. And my wars are definitely different from their wars, but sometime I get carried away with their problems too. Is it wrong? Or am I fuss about other people businesses?

As a family member, I will try the best that I can to help their problems. But what if the problems are too much for me? And I still have to solve my own problems. Should I just not interfere and let them solve their own problems? Just watch and see they solve their own problems, is it the best things to do?

For now, I will consider their problems are their problems. I don’t have to interfere. I will help as much as I can, but that’s it. They have to try to solve it on their own. Problems are what make us learn about life. Right? We have to have problems in our life in order to improve and see the beauty of life. Is it wrong?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In my search of Happiness

What make your life valuable? Is it the dress that you wore, the food that you eat, the house that you life, the parent that you have, the spouse that you can hold, the education that you take, the money in your pocket, the book that you read, or what?

What make your life valuable? I feel prettier when I am wearing a good dress. I feel delight eating delicious food. I feel comfortable living in a cozy house. I feel grateful having good parents that never questions me and order me what to do. I feel thankful having brother and sisters that support me when I’m down. I feel happy having friends that can accompany me. Even thought I don’t have any spouse right now, I know that I will feel cheerful to have person that I can share all my laughs and cries. I feel proud having a good education. I feel secure having money in my pocket. I feel excited reading my books and watching my movies.

So, what make my life valuable?? Is it all those things above? I don’t think so. I think what make my life valuable is when I can do small good things every day. It is so clich├ęd. I know that. But right now, that is what I feel :D. So, lets make small good things everyday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The story of my career

I started my career very early. Because I was one of students which got scholarship from Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) under career scholarship program, I had an obligation to work at BINUS from the first day of my undergraduate study until 2n+1 years after I graduated. Value of n here is the number of years that I need to complete my undergraduate study.

I started my career as an administration staff at EDP department, BINUS in September 2000. Now, EDP department is not exists anymore, it was merge with other IT departments. My duties more or less just arranged mails and documents, especially ISO documents, since BINUS already hold ISO 9001 certification. Sometime I helped my colleges to input data to computer and do simple query to extract the data. That’s it, just that simple. It was a boring job, but it gave me plenty of time to focus on my study and learn other things.

Realizing my potential, my boss, at the time, told me to learn Visual Basic 6, MS SQL server 1997 and Crystal Report. He even asked one of his programmers to give me training about it. So, I started to learn programming language and applied it in several simple forms. And not so long after, I forgot the exact date; I was promoted to be a programmer. It was a bit of improvement.

I worked my days as a programmer until Dec 2002. During those times, I involved in several projects using Visual Basic 6, MS SQL server 1997 and Crystal Report. My main responsibilities were to encode, test, debug, and install program systems or application that was being used in BINUS. I hardly remember the applications, but I think one of it is the early stage of admission application and library system.

At January 2003, I got promoted again. I was promoted to be a system analyst. The duties were pretty much the same from previous position, but in this position, there were additional tasks that I must do. As a system analyst, I had to analyze and design applications to fulfill user’s requirements. It was kind of challenging tasks, because in BINUS, users requirements changed rapidly. I can not really blame the users for changing the requirements because the requirements had to change to adapt to the real world situations and conditions. I learnt a lot of things during my time as system analyst not only in analyze and design application technique but also in business processes. I worked as system analyst for almost 4 years before I got another promotion. I finished both my undergraduate and graduate study during that time. I also managed to pass CISA exam with a very tight passing score.

At December 2007, I started my career as a Project Leader. I found that job was interesting and quite tricky to do. My main duties were to planning, monitoring, and controlling projects, while still helping to do analyze and design applications. I often had to negotiate the projects schedule with my users and control the quality of my projects. For me, the most interesting thing in working as Project Leader was how to communicate with users and the rest of the team. I think my patience and communication skill was improved during these times. Sadly, I become project leader just for a very short time. At July 2008, I resigned from BINUS and went to Singapore to continue my study.

Right now, I am just a PhD student. But I’m sure in the future, I will find other jobs that can be more challenging and exciting then I was have before. Still looking for the next best things to come.