Friday, August 22, 2008

Can easily fall in love? Is it a bad thing or a good thing??

I’m still trying to answer that. From my past experience, “can easily fall in love” give you a couple of advantages, namely: you are able to find good things in every one, you make your life cheerful and you can forget bad experience fast. But the disadvantages are also quite a lot. One of disadvantages is you can experience a lot of pain from broken heart. One said: If you are daring to love then you should dare to loose or to be rejected. And by easily fall in love, this feeling will always hunt you. It is not a good feeling. It is a terrible one. Other disadvantage is people will think that you too ease to catch because with just a little affection you will fall in love.

Still don’t know weather “can easily fall in love” is a bad thing or good thing. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love is all around

I really like that quote (from a song). Every day we witness love. It can be friends love, parents love, couple love and any other type of love. Love is all around.

When ever I’m in the lowest time in my life, I always think of that. I always think that I have love all over me and it’s not the time to feel sad.

I have parents who love me very much and never force me to do anything against my will.

I have brother and sisters who also love me and spoiled and care about me.

I have siblings that also love me.

I have many friends that love me and willing to help me.

I have love and I’m capable to love anyone without boundaries.

I have universal love.

So, love is all around…. Just look around you and you will find love.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Time ..

First time at new school, first time at new place, first time at library, first time at class, first time …..

There is always be a first time for anything. For me first time is good. It is mean that you try new things. These are list of my first time in Singapore:
1. First time went to Singapore alone: 03-Aug-2008
2. First time moving to student hostel: 03-Aug-2008
3. First time went to SMU: 03-Aug-2008
4. First time actually report my self to SMU: 04-Aug-2008
5. First time meeting my Professor: 04-Aug-2008
6. First time get lost in Singapore: 04-Aug-2008
7. First time Academic Briefing: 05-Aug-2008
8. First time went to movie in Singapore (Vivo City): 05-Aug-2008
9. First time English Proficiency Lesson: 06-Aug-2008
10. First time hiking in Bukit Timah: 09-Aug-2008
11. First time watch fire works in Singapore: 09-Aug-2008
12. First time went home at 2 am :P : 09-Aug-2008
13. First time Matriculation: 12-Aug-2008
14. First time losing SMU Visitor Card: 13-Aug-2008 (fortunately the security guard found it)
15. First time attend SMU Workshop: 14-Aug-2008
16. First time eat dim sum in Yum Cha: 15-Aug-2008
17. First time watch Chinese Orchestra: 16-Aug-2008
18. First time went to Buddhist Fellowship: 17-Aug-2008
19. First time borrowing book from SMU library: 15-Aug-2008
20. First class: 19-Aug-2008
21. Etc ……………….
My PhD Application Process

This is all started when my friend tell me that there is a vacant position in SMU (Singapore Management University) as a Research Assistant. And if I’m interested I could try to send my CV to his friend in SMU. I was interested with that vacancy and at 9 June 2008 I sent my CV to him. I also tell him that I’m interested to get a PhD.

At 12 June 2008 to be exact, my friend tell me that although the PhD in-take was already closed, the PhD Program Director willing to give me a chance to apply for the PhD Program. They ask me to fulfill the entire application requirement including two referees, personal statement and research statement and sent it to SMU before 20 June 2008.

I started to fulfill the application, ask for referees and writing my personal and research statement. My friend also helps me to refine my application form, personal and research statement. For the referees, I ask Mr. Sablin Yusuf (Dean of Computer Studies Faculty, Universitas Bina Nusantara, Jakarta Indonesia,, Mr. Harjanto Prabowo (CIO of Bina Nusantara, Jakarta Indonesia, and Mr. Benny Ranti (Senior Lecturer and also my Supervisor in University of Indonesia,

After fulfill the entire documents, at 18 June 2008, I sent it to SMU by using DHL. I thought it will be able to reach SMU at 19 June 2008. But until 20 June 2008 3pm, the status is still On Delivery Courier. I start to panic, I start to call DHL officer and their tell me to call the Singapore DHL to ask it. I call the Singapore DHL to make sure that my application will be sent at 20 June 2008. I also call the SMU Assistant Manager to ask weather my application already there or not. And finally my application can successfully deliver to SMU.

At the same day, after read my application, the PhD Director (Prof. Pang) email me about my research area. He said that they don’t have any faculty that specialize in that area and he ask me weather I interested in other area which are data management, information security, or decision support systems. I reply the email and said that I’m interested in Data Management and Decision Support System. And he told me to check the SMU Professors web pages and let him know which professor’s research I’m interested in.

When reading the professor’s web pages, I’m become interested with Prof. Lau research in Decentralized Decision Making in Network Enterprise. And I email Mr. Pang about it. Not long after (24 or 25 June, I forgot the date), Mr. Lau call me and gave me a phone interview. He ask several questions about algorithm and artificial intelligent (which I almost forgot about) and he also ask about my motivation, commitment and willingness to study. At the end of the interview he said that they will give decision and inform me about my application as soon as possible. The phone interview lasted for about 45 minutes.

At 27 June 2008, finally they inform me that after a series of evaluation from our PhD review committee, I was offered admission into our PhD in Information Systems program with a full scholarship. I was exited about it. And finally what I have worked for a couple years to get a PhD scholarship payoff.

I’m also very grateful to all my friends that help me to get this scholarship. Because I know that they all gave a very good recommendation for me.

That’s how I got my PhD Scholarship and hopefully I could finished on time and with excellent result.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tarsius Spectrum

This is the story about little pretty animals (when I say little it’s seriously mean little) which can be found in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I first met these little creatures in 18 May 2008 when I went to Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Scientific name for these little animals is Tarsius Spectrum (from Tarsier Family), the smallest primate known.

Tarsius Spectrum Morphology

Known as the smallest primate known, Tarsius Spectrum only weight 125 gram (for male) and 110 gram (for female). They measures between 11 and 15cm in length. They can not move their eyes but can turn their head 180 degrees.

Life as a Tarsius Spectrum

They usually found in Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi and the nearby islands of Sangihe, Peleng, and Salayer. This species lives in a variety of habitats, including primary and secondary forests, coastal forests, and mangrove forests. This species is found at altitudes from sea level to 4000 feet.

Tarsius Spectrum is a rear animal but still relatively abundant in protected areas in Sulawesi such as Tangkoko Dua Saudara Nature Reserve. However, Tarsius Spectrum has a limited geographic range, and little is known about their current distribution throughout Sulawesi. Habitat disturbance is occurring throughout much of their known range. And their reproduction is also very slow. Every year they are only 1 baby Tarsius Spectrum born.

But to see these little animals in actions is not easy. We have to wait until night to see Tarsius Spectrum. Tarsius Spectrum usually appears when it is dark to find foods that are usually small insects.

Tarsius Spectrum is mate for life. They are monogamist. If their spouse is dead, they will get sad and die not long after.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night at Sing ..
at 9 August 2008

Rita, Helda, Me and Lidya at esplanade

Me, Helda, Rita and Lydia at Clarke Quay (I think .....)
When I went Rafting
A very nice experiences and this is a very long time ago ... on May 2004, almost 4 and half years ago ...
Before the Rafting

In my Boat (the boat only fit for 5 person + 1 instructor)

Eat some snacks on the boat

In the middle of the Journey, take a rest and eat "Kelapa Muda" (young coconut??)

After eating Coconut, get ready for the rest of the journey

Swimming after Rafting ?? hm...

Eat ........... After Rafting ..... Need a lot of food to gain strenght again

See how hungry we are... :p

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Menado Trip
Last May I join Sahabat Museum to go to Menado-Tomohok-Tondano.
Its quite intresting trips with people that I never know before.
Here is several pictures from that journey


Under The Sea - Taken by One of Tour Participant

"Dasar laut"

Bunaken - on Bridge to Santika Hotel

Cute Little animal - Tarsius something

Teluk Lambe -- If I'm not mistaken

Tuo Mao Mao Restaurant

Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih - Huge Cross

Morning Glory