Monday, May 04, 2009

Pass All My Course Works

I finally know all my grades for this term course works. I manage to pass all the course works with 2 A- and 1 B+. It is not too bad I think, considering I only spent a minimum time for my entire assignments (except for DSS term paper class, I spent almost 1 month for that because my Prof asked me to submit it to a conference, even thought in the end, he and another Professor that we collaborate should re-writing it for conference submission :D ).

By passing entire course in this term, I completed my course work requirements. I already pass all 6 courses for my study. But after finishing the course works, doesn’t mean that my study become easier.. new challenges and researches will definitely come. It will be tougher than the course works. Should prepare my self for that …. Its not the time to be lazy … come on Linda … gambate ….. :D